Work With Me

I work with women (and sometimes men) to help them to come back into balance, to connect more deeply with their feminine energies and to feel more empowered in their lives. Most women who find me are usually looking for support with one or more of the following:

  • Grief, sadness, heartache or heartbreak
  • Trauma or abuse often from childhood, the birth process or that has come down the ancestral line. This usually manifests as anxiety, overwhelm and low energy or exhaustion
  • Feeling stuck and unclear about how to move forward in their lives and looking to connect with themselves more deeply and hear their inner voice (often feel unheard and unseen)
  • Support to progress on their spiritual journey and personal development
I hold space to allow you to work on a deep emotional and spiritual level. My intention is always to create a compassionate, supportive, non-judgmental and sacred space to allow whatever is ready to emerge and transform, to do so with ease. I welcome ALL of you and encourage you to welcome ALL of yourself too, especially the parts you find it hard to look at – this is how true healing and transformation happens.

I am passionate about empowering women and believe that each person holds the key to their own health and wellbeing within themselves. I will encourage you to connect with yourself, your body and your own inner wisdom to find the answers within yourself.
I draw on my experience in Energy Healing, Flower and Vibrational Medicine, CranioSacral Therapy and my intuition to help you to transform through:

Many of us hold onto old emotions for many years, often since childhood. When emotions and patterns have been held for that long, it takes time for us to heal and for the body and nervous system to unwind and relax. Healing can’t be rushed and the body’s inner wisdom sets the pace and knows exactly what needs to happen and when. Committing to working over time lets your body and your energy system know:

  • You will have the time and space to do what you need to do without feeling under pressure​
  • You will have support in place throughout your journey (myself and the Essences)​
  • You will be able to go to deeper levels of healing and transformation knowing you have time, space and support, than one off sessions that may be more surface level​
  • The potential for transformation will be greater and the transformation will be longer lasting​
I also work with people who have been on their spiritual or healing journey for many years. The Divine Light Essences seem to be the missing piece to:


Sessions are carried out on Zoom and are tailored specifically for you and your needs on that day. They include a Crystalline Consciousness activation and essences to support you for a month. Some packages also include essences for you to use on your body or to carry out your own healing session using acupuncture points.

I offer the following packages:


6 Month Journey

Pink rose

3 Month Journey


Single Session

Ideal if you have not worked with me before and want to get to know me before committing to a longer journey or if you are working through something that you know just needs one session to bring you back into balance. Session includes:

3 CCT Charts

Book a free 15 minute free chat for more information or to decide what option is best suited to you.

Cancellation Policy

I ask that you give 24 hours notice if you need to cancel. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will incur a fee of 50% of the treatment fee and no-shows will incur the full treatment fee. Exceptions may be given depending on circumstances.


Energy Healing and vibrational essences are not a substitute for medical diagnosis and we never claim to diagnose or cure any illness. Please refer to your medical practitioner with any illness or physical symptoms you might have.