Support for the Highly Sensitive


According to statistics 15%-20% of the world population is believed to be highly sensitive (HSP – highly sensitive person). People may not realise they are highly sensitive as it is not something that is widely understood or acknowledged. Some traits of HSPs are:

  • Sensitive to external stimuli such as loud noises and bright lights
  • Can feel overwhelmed easily
  • Can feel other peoples’ energies and emotions
  • Need a lot of alone time to recharge especially if they have been around people
  • Can be sensitive to the energies and movements of the earth, sun and planets
  • Notice energetic subtleties that most other people do not
  • Have a rich inner life
  • Have a highly refined nervous system
  • Can be deeply moved by beauty

I was in my 30s before I realised that most of what I was feeling, was not my own, but other peoples’ feelings. It was life changing for me to be aware of this. I came to understand it was a gift, but also a challenge. As someone who works with people, I can feel what is going on with them, I can often read between the lines and feel and see things that others can’t and I’m usually prepared for all eventualities! The challenge can be when I’m in a crowded room and feeling everyone and everything that is going on at subtle levels – it can be exhausting and taxing on the nervous system and sometimes overwhelming. Over the years I have been able to help myself and bring in more ease. Here are some of the things that work for me:

  • Working with my energy field to keep it clear, flowing and strong
  • Putting boundaries in place to help me to feel my own energy and to stop absorbing external energies
  • Spending time in nature to help me to ground and balance my body and my energy field
  • Working on being more embodied 
  • Putting self care into my routines and ensuring I have enough alone time and downtime to recharge and feel and hear myself
  • Doing things that help to relax my nervous system – CranioSacral Therapy, breathing, yoga, being in water, essences
  • Using essences that help support my field to stay clear and strong (taking internally, misting into my field and applying to my body)

There are many essences for boundaries, protections etc. Here are some of the essences that have really helped me over the years are:

White Yarrow (Alaskan Essences, Moonflower Essences, FES, Wild Medicine)

One of my all-time favourite essences. Yarrow helps to knit the aura back together, clear our energy system and strengthen the integrity of our field. This is a lovely essence to use in a mister in our field.

Fringed Violet (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

I used this essence every day for about 3 years. Many sensitive people have tears in their auras from shocks, trauma, surgery – Fringed Violet helps to repair any damage to the aura and provide psychic protection.

Centaury (Healing Herbs, Bach essence)

Centaury is THE essence for boundaries. Highly sensitive people often find it hard to say no to others – this essence gives us the courage to put our own needs first and say no when we need to. This enables us to find space for us to be ourselves without the influence of others.

Cherry Plum (Healing Herbs, Bach essence)

Overwhelm can cause our energies to rise out of our bodies. Using Cherry Plum topically on a specific acupuncture point on the body helps to keep our energies in our bodies.

Red Chestnut (Healing Herbs, Bach essence)

When we are sensitive and empathic we can send our energies out to others we are concerned about unconsciously. Taking Red Chestnut internally or putting it on a specific acupuncture point on the body, brings all of our energies back to us.

Smoothie (Indigo Essences)

Smoothie helps us to feel like we have an energetic duvet over us when we are feeling sensitive to other people. Smoothie forms a buffer between you and the outside world.

Software (Indigo Essences)

Software helps us to interface with other people without being impacted by them and to stay centred in the midst of chaos.

Lady Quan Yin/Peach Selenite (Divine Light Essences)

Lady Quan Yin helps to put healthy boundaries in place that will bring more ease and flow to our lives. She can help us to see the pain and suffering of others with compassion, whilst knowing it is not ours to take on. Helps to balance giving and receiving (empaths have a tendency to over-give)

Divine Strength/Gold (Divine Light Essences)

Divine Strength creates a pillar of Golden Light around us from Heaven to the centre of the Earth strengthening and solidifying our energy field and providing Divine Protection. 

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