Solar Flares – Your Guide to Riding the Solar Waves!

We often hear about the moon cycles, which are predictable and happen monthly, but we don’t hear so much about the sun cycles which happen in 11 year waves. Over the course of 11 years, the frequency of solar flares coming off the sun waxes and wanes. Solar flares happen when there are dark spots or sunspots on the sun, where the sun’s magnetic fields are strongest and they emit plasma. This plasma is a very high vibrational energy that can help us to raise our consciousness. When it comes into our energy field, it will bring up to the surface anything that is out of alignment and that is ready to go.

Solar Flares are categorised into C-Class, M-Class and X-Class, with C-Class being the smallest and weakest, and X-Class being the largest and strongest.

We are currently in what is known as Solar Cycle 25 and this is due to peak in 2024, which means we can expect A LOT of solar activity. As many of you will know or will have felt, the sun has already been very active this year. We landed into 2024 with a huge X-Class on New Year’s Eve. At the end of January, we had 12 M Class Flare over 2 days – this was more than we had in total in 2023! And in the last week we had an X-Class Flare followed by many M-Class Flares and then another 3 X-Class flares within 24 hours! So our systems are getting blasted and I am certainly feeling the impacts.

Some people feel the energy building up on the sun, some when it leaves the sun and some people feel it a few days later if/when it reaches Earth. The energy from the sun is very high frequency radiation and because we are electric beings, it can impact us in many way. Sensitive people, children and animals often feel these energies intensely.

Some Things You May Feel:

  • Exhaustion – waking up exhausted and out of sorts, needing to sleep more, wanting to sleep during the day, coma naps
  • More energised than usual – unable to sleep/disturbed sleep
  • Feeling jittery, on edge, frazzled
  • Feeling ungrounded, floaty, out of body
  • Unable to concentrate
  • Change in appetite – hungrier than usual or loss of appetite
  • Solar plexus issues – digestive issues, feeling anxiety or fear
  • Vivid dreams
  • Downloads of information / insights
  • Feeling of energy flooding into your body
  • Headaches
  • Ringing in your ears
  • Pains in the body as the energy moves through
  • Inflammation in the body – old issues flaring up
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Nervous System issues
  • Emotions suddenly coming to the surface – anger, sadness, feeling teary
  • You may notice a chaotic energy in public places, on the roads, in shops etc.
  • Children and animals may be out of sorts and acting strongly

Ways to Support Yourself:


  • Solar energy can dehydrate us. Keep hydrated, drink extra water (make sure the water is pure). We want to keep our bodies and especially our fascia/connective tissue well hydrated. work consciously with the fluids in your body. 
  • Immerse your body in water – have epsom salt baths, get into the sea, have a shower or put your feet in water 
  • Eat grounding foods like root vegetables, dark chocolate, some people find coffee helps them ground. Eat anti-inflammatory and natural, unprocessed foods
  • Sleep and rest if you need to – listen to your body and give it what it needs
  • Ground, ground, ground!! Get out into nature – find a tree to hug, get your bare feet on the earth or lie on the ground (even inside) if you can
  • Move your body – walk, run, dance, shake, do yoga – anything to keep the energy moving and get you into your body
  • High vibrational energies can deplete magnesium in our bodies. Eat foods rich in magnesium or take magnesium supplements (get guidance on this from a professional). This will also support the nervous system
  • Check if you need mineral salts such as potassium
  • Support your Nervous System – the high vibrational energies can send our nervous system into fight/flight/freeze response as we are not used to the energies. Find ways that work for you to keep your nervous system calm and relaxed – use oils, herbs, breath-work, Chi Kung, Yoga Nidra, CranioSacral Therapy. There are many resources available online to support the Vagus Nerve in particular
  • Look after your adrenal glands, especially if you are prone to burnout – any high vibrational energies can be hard on them
  • Anything that supports the cells in the body as they are changing with the plasma impacting them
  • Do nothing!! Don’t underestimate how much energy your system needs to process and integrate these energies. If your body is asking you to stop, rest and give it space, do your best to honour it….deep transformational changes are happening


  • Notice how you are feeling. What emotions are coming up? What is playing out around you? Give yourself some time and space to sit with what is coming up and acknowledge how you are feeling
  • Find tools to work with emotions that are coming to the surface e.g. journalling, essences
  • Let your emotions flow
  • Get support if needed
  • Go easy on yourself and do things that nurture you
  • Connect with the Water element for support


  • Notice any unhelpful thought patterns that are circling in your mind and affirm you are ready to let them go
  • Hold clear intentions for what you want to create and experience in your life and the consciousness you want to embody
  • Connect with the Air element for support
  • Gratitude – even if you are not feeling great, if you can see the energy and the discomfort as an opportunity to heal and raise your vibration, this can help to move through the process with more ease


  • Reduce EMF Exposure – cut down use of electronic devices, turn wifi off at night and leave you mobile phone outside your bedroom. EMFs put an extra load onto our already overloaded energy system
  • Keep your energy field clear – as the energy comes in, it brings lower energies to the surface to clear. Use visualisation, sage, essences, crystals, water
  • Have some energy or body work to keep everything moving and connect you back into your body
  • Find ways to stabilise your energy field – Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Yoga, ground, exercise, trees

How to use the Energies to Your Advantage:

While the energies often knock us for six and leave us feeling tired and frazzled, they also bring huge opportunities for healing and shifting patterns in our lives and for raising our consciousness.

  • Get Stuff Done – If you are feeling energised, use the energy to get things done. I often stay up late getting things done that I previously just couldn’t get moving on or get completed
  • Creativity – I often have a lot of creative ideas flow through me when the solar energies are strong – get them down on paper or do something with them so that they are not blocking flow in your system
  • Emotional Healing – notice what emotions are coming up and find ways to work with the patterns so that you can transform them – journalling is easy, free and you can do it at anytime to get energy out of your system
  • Spiritual Development – The high vibrational solar plasma is shinning a light on energies, patterns, traumas within us that are ready to transform. These pattens may have come down the ancestral line and you may have already spent many years healing through the many layers. These high energies are giving us an opportunity to let go of these energies once and for all. I’m noticing core wounds that we have worked on for many years are also being triggered to be healed

Don’t forget that the energies may be affecting people around you and your animals who may also need to be supported.

Essences for Support

The nature of Essences is to support us emotionally, mentally and energetically, so there are so many essences from so many ranges that can support us in the miriad of ways that solar energy can impact us.

If you have no other essence, I always recommend having a bottle of Rescue Remedy that can instantly settle the system. The two most easily available are 5 Flowers From Healing Herbs and Emergency Essence from Australian Bush Flower Essences. My own I Am Safe is also like a rescue remedy.

Bach Essences:

  • Oak on the soles of the feet to keep you grounded, connected to Earth and helps with energy levels
  • Olive or Hornbeam for exhaustion
  • Elm for feeling overwhelmed
  • Cherry Plum to help you to stay in your body
  • Aspen for unknown fears or feeling anxious
  • Walnut for moving through change and letting go of the past

Divine Light Essences:

  • Anchor and Ground Combination was created specifically to deal with these energies and I always carry a bottle with me
  • Divine Power to support the Solar Plexus
  • Rose Quartz to help you to look after yourself and to soothe your energy field
  • Emerald Heart to help to anchor the high energies – put a drop on your heart chakra
  • Twin Oaks to help to stay balanced, grounded and connected
  • White Rose for grounding
  • Green Obsidian on the soles of the feet to stay connected to Earth
  • Christ The Healer to help to assimilate the high vibrational energies
  • Snow Quartz to help stay centered and strong
  • White Yarrow to maintain the integrity of the energy field
  • Snowdrop for grief
  • Poplar to process and integrate the high energies

Australian Bush Flower Essences:

  • Fringed Violet to keep the energy field clear and protected
  • Boab to help with ancestral healing
  • Purify to keep the energy field and our space clear

These are just a small sample of the many essences that are available to support us. If you would like to explore how essences can support you feel free to contact me at

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