Venus Light Essences Set

Venus Light Essences Set

These Essences are over-lit by the energies of Lady Nada, Lady Venus and the Rose Matrix. They come to us on the pink and lilac rays and hold keys and codes to anchor the Love vibration more deeply into ourselves and our Earth at this time of deep change and transformation on our planet. They remind us that the New Earth energies are already here and available to us, and they help us to consciously lay down the foundations and structures of the world we want to live in. 

The set contains eight essences that work together to help us expand our hearts, connect to Divine Love, hold that energy and emit out into the world and our creations. The essences are:

  •  Lady Nada
  •  Pink Bougainvillea & Lady Venus
  •  White Rose
  •  Pink Rose
  •  Magenta Crab Apple
  •  Kunzite
  •  Herb Robert
  •  Rose Aura Quartz


See the individual essences in the shop for detailed descriptions of each one.

Set contains 8 bottles of 15ml stock strength each.