Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz


Divine Power – Citrine


Twin Oaks - Gateway

Twin Oaks - Gateway

This essence was co-created with two Oak trees in South West France.

  • Helps us to align by connecting deeply to the Earth and Spirt while keeping our hearts open
  • Helps us to ground and centre ourselves – especially supportive and stabilising at this time when we have lots of different energies impacting us (full moon, solar flares, Schumann resonance spiking)
  • Supports balancing of the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves
  • Opens the way for us to connect and communicate more deeply with the Devic Realm and to understand our role in supporting them
  • Helps us to get to the point where we are ready to walk through a gateway and supports us in taking the step to walk through
  • Helps us to stand strong, to stay steady and to have courage as we move through transitions
  • Carries the energies of Divine Union and the message that “It is safe to love.”

15ml stock strength.
Crystals are not included.