Our Lady the Divine Mother

Our Lady the Divine Mother


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Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

This is an essence of self love that helps us to love and nurture ourselves more deeply. It was created on Saint Brigit’s Day with well water from a Brigit’s well in the west of Ireland and a Rose Quartz gem.

  • Encourages a flow of love from our Heart centre to every area of our body, helping our body to feel nurtured and loved
  • Helps us to accept ourselves exactly as we are and to know we are good enough
  • A deeply calming, soothing and nourishing essence that can be used like a rescue remedy in times of shock or upset
  • Can be used to gently dissipate the energies of shock and trauma that have been in the system for a long time
  • Very supportive of the Heart and Sacral Chakras and helps to create an energetic link between these two chakras that is required for healing of the Sacral chakra and creation from there
  • Supports the clearing of energies associated with any traumas or abuses from our Sacral and Base Chakras – traumas we have suffered ourselves or those that have come down the ancestral lines
  • Contains the energies of the Goddess Brigit

15ml stock strength.
Crystals are not included.