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Lady Quan Yin – Peach Selenite


Orange Begonia – Sacral Flow

Sacral Flow

Return to Innocence

Return to Innocence

“Return to Innocence” was the first essence in the range to be created and is the purification essence within the range. This essence contains the energy of a sacred, healing waterfall and supports purification of our energy fields on all levels:

  • Helps us to release any energies that are no longer aligned to us, that no longer serve us and that are holding us back, especially thought patterns, old belief systems and old emotions
  • Clears our energy field of energies that do not belong to us
  • Where there is physical dis-ease in the body, this essence can help to detox and heal the energy bodies where the illness manifested from. This then encourages the energy field to return to it’s original pure state
  • Clears the energy of ancestral patterns and entanglements of energies between people, so that we are free to live our own lives. Very supportive when doing Family Constellation work and any type of ancestral healing
  • When we have done a lot of healing work on ourselves over time, the essence supports the final letting go of the old energetic templates to allow our Original Divine Blueprint to come online, activate and ground, so that we can live and create from this new clear space of our True Selves
  • Can be used to clear and purify space and water

15ml stock strength.
Crystals are not included.