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Orange Begonia - Sacral Flow

Orange Begonia - Sacral Flow

Message from Orange Begonia is – “Open to receive all that is rightfully yours”
Made in moonlight with the energies of Sirius, this essence supports the Sacral chakra, in particular connecting our Sacral chakra to the womb of Mother Earth and the womb of the cosmos where everything is created and where infinite potential and possibilities lie waiting to be manifested. Orange Begonia can help with the following:

  • Helps our receiving channels to open so that we are able to receive
  • Helps with discernment, especially knowing when it is safe and appropriate to open up, and when we do, to feel safe and supported in our vulnerability
  • Helps to understand the birth / creation process and how expansion, contraction, stillness / integration are all needed
  • Helps us to connect to the nourishing, nurturing and protective qualities of the womb. If we didn’t feel this or there was trauma during our womb time, this helps to re-write the the experience to bring in safety and nourishment.
  • Allows you to take all the time you want and need in the “in limbo” state, which may feel like nothing is happening, but in fact everything is happening.
  • Understanding that change happens in the stillness. Integration before the next step / phase of healing / a project / in life.
  • Helps to energise the sacral so it feels more alive especially if there has been shock or trauma
  • Helps to balance our masculine and feminine energies – allowing our feminine side to be vulnerable in the knowledge that our masculine is present to support us
  • Supports Heart expansion and 3rd Eye activation – showing us how the 3rd Eye, Heart and Sacral are all connected and instrumental in the creation process
  • Supports the Collective Female Womb who is tired from all of the birthing, abuse and boundaries not being honoured. Women carry this pattern too. The womb needs to replenish, let go, soften, receive
  • Helps us to receive joy, pleasure, nurturing

15ml stock strength.
Crystals are not included.