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Return to Innocence

Lady Quan Yin - Peach Selenite

Lady Quan Yin - Peach Selenite

Created with a Peach Selenite crystal and the energies of Lady Quan Yin, this is the Essence of Compassion for self and others.

  • Brings you to a place of Being where you can observe a situation from a neutral space
  • Encourages you to find compassion, love, acceptance and understanding for yourself. Once you have this, it will flow automatically to others
  • Helps you to accept yourself and to feel like being yourself is enough
  • Helps to maintain balance in relationships, by nurturing them without over-giving or losing yourself
  • Helps to remove any areas of stagnation or stuckness in the energy field or in life
  • Can help us to see the pain and suffering of others with compassion, whilst knowing it is not ours to take on
  • Quan Yin helps us to put soft loving boundaries in place that bring more ease and flow to our lives
  • This essence holds a deep peace and can help with any internal or external conflict
  • Supports the Sacral Chakra, especially if there is any kind of energetic dehydration or stagnation

15ml stock strength.
Crystals are not included.