Inner Harmony

Inner Harmony

A combination of the Rose Quartz and Divine Power (Citrine) essences, this essence helps to balance our inner feminine and inner masculine energies. Both of these essences were co-created side by side on Saint Brigit’s Day and during the process I saw the Devas of both crystals facing each other with their palms barely touching and there was a very subtle balancing of energies and communication happening between them – a beautiful and touching experience to witness.

The Rose Quartz holds the Yin energies and helps to soften and open the body and energy field so that it is like the chalice, open to receive and hold. The Citrine holds the Yang energies and helps connect us to our Source / Sun / Spirit and brings this into the chalice. This essence can be used as follows:

  • Support when doing inner work to balance our inner masculine and inner feminine energies (sacred inner marriage). Helps these energies to connect, communicate and honour each other
  • Any time we feel our feminine/masculine or left/right brain energies are out of balance
  • Any time our external world is reflecting to us that our inner feminine and masculine energies are out of balance e.g. conflict with the opposite sex, feeling unsupported, feeling depleted to due exerting too much effort
  • Encourages interdependence rather than co-dependence

15ml stock strength.

Crystals are not included.