I Am Safe Energy Spray

I Am Safe Energy Spray

I Am Safe is a powerful combination of flower and crystal essences to help us to feel safe and secure.

The essences in this combination help us to process and release any energies of shock and trauma from our energy systems. They bring a soft and gentle energy of love to help us to feel safe. They bring back any energies that have risen up and out of our bodies and help us to be grounded and embodied. There are also some protective energies that help us to feel strong in ourselves and to let go of fears and worry. This spray can be used in the energy field around the body or in a room/space (e.g. spray in the bedroom before and after sleep, in the living areas, in the car, in classrooms etc.)

This combination contains the following essences:
🔸Our Lady The Divine Mother – wraps us in a blanket of the mother’s love helping us to feel safe and secure
🔸Rose Quartz – deeply calming and soothing in times of shock or upset. Connects us back to love
🔸White Rose – helps us to feel safe in our bodies and in the world. Pulls our energy back into our field if we have become ungrounded as a result of a shock and connects us strongly into the Earth
🔸Star of Bethlehem – gently dissipates the energies of shock and trauma from our energy field
🔸Baby Blue Eyes – helps us to heal any energies of trauma or conflict with masculine energies. Helps us to trust men. Supports us to feel safe and protected and helps us to connect back to peace, innocence and purity. This is a key flower energy for this time
🔸California Poppy – the energy of Joan of Arc. Supports us in times of anxiety, fear and worry. Helps us to let go of victim consciousness and to put strong boundaries in place
🔸Snow Quartz – brings calm, stillness and relief in times of overwhelm. Helps us to centre our energies and to gather scattered energies back to us
🔸Gold – helps us to find our inner strength and courage to face life’s challenges. Brings ease during challenging times and helps us to feel strong and protected

100ml Energy Spray – contains mineral water, organic vodka and vibrational essences of flowers and crystals

**Available in Ireland only**