Galena – Light in the Dark

Galena – Light in the Dark

Galena is a type of lead that supports the alchemical transformation from lead to gold / initiate to master. This crystal has a silver sheen on it that looks like a mirror. It is deeply grounding and contains the energy of the Platinum Ray. This essence was co-created under a full moon eclipse while the sun was in Scorpio.

  • Supports shadow work and helps us to move through and integrate our shadow sides without getting stuck in them, so that we can bring in more light 
  • Help us to see the patterns, beliefs and energies within ourselves that are being reflected back at us by people around us or external circumstances
  • Shows us that those who trigger us are doing us a huge service and are helping us to evolve and move into deeper levels of love
  • Helps us to release judgement and criticism and forgive and accept ourselves and others
  • Shows us the mirror of our soul – the light and the shadow and helps us to accept all of ourselves
  • Helps us to accept our Humanness while also acknowledging the greatness of our Soul
  • Helps us to stand strongly, feeling neutral and detached, with an open heart without being impacted by others
  • Helpful for therapists to do reflective practice
  • The Platinum Ray is very protective and can bring strength and structure to our energy field

Note – the crystal was not placed in the water during the essence creation process

15ml stock strength.

Crystals are not included.