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Pale Pink Rose

Pale Pink Rose

Divine Power - Citrine

Divine Power - Citrine

This essence connects us to our masculine energy (whether we are male or female) and supports us as we empower ourselves:

  • Helps us connect with and integrate our inner masculine
  • Energises the Solar Plexus chakra and helps us to find our own source of power within
  • Helps us to reclaim our own power and sovereignty, especially if we have given our power away to other people, situations or circumstances
  • Connects us to the Solar energies and helps our light bodies to absorb and assimilate the energies from the Sun
  • Encourages us to take guided action and to take ourselves out into the world in safe and joyful way, expecting only the best
  • Supports us in moving back out into life when we have been more internally focussed and are ready to re-emerge
  • Helps us to trust our own intuition

15ml stock strength.
Crystals are not included.