Pale Pink Rose

Pale Pink Rose


Lady Quan Yin – Peach Selenite

Lady Quan Yin

Christ The Healer - Golden Healer

Christ The Healer - Golden Healer

Co-created on Easter Sunday with a Golden Healer crystal, this essence contains the energies of the Christ Light and the resurrection

  • Supports our High Heart Chakra, especially as we evolve spiritually and energetically
  • Contains the 33 vibration of the Christ Consciousness energy and can support our energetic spine as our energy rises from our base chakra, up the vertebra, to the crown
  • Encourages us to believe and trust in our own innate healing abilities and to connect to your body’s inner wisdom for guidance
  • Supports us as we go through deep initiations and transformations
  • Activates our Light Bodies and supports us through the activations
  • Helps us to break through anything that is holding us back, giving us a sense of freedom
  • Opens our energy fields to receive the energies of love and healing
  • Helps us to strengthen our connection to Source, not just through our Crown Chakra, but through our whole energy field, giving us a feeling of Oneness and bliss
  • Helps us to know that we are never really separated from our loved ones who have transitioned or who are not physically present with us – shows us that we can connect with anyone, anywhere and also connect with places remotely
  • Gifts us with Grace after hardship and endurance
  • Helps to ease ascension symptoms and the effects of solar flares and spikes in the Schumann Resonance
  • Contains the energies of 111 Hertz – The Holy Frequency
  • Contains the energies of the 8 vibration which is infinity and helps us to understand the eternal life of our Soul

15ml stock strength.
Crystals are not included.