Message from Beech – ‘Let go, let go, let flow’.

The beautiful softness of the Beech Tree brings us the Divine Mother quality of acceptance of all, no matter what is going on or how bad the situation may seem.  

  • Helps us to soften and let go of resistance so that more energy and light can flow through us
  • Allows softness to penetrate into the places that are holding on the tightest
  • Supports us to surrender and let go when we feel like we have been trying too hard or swimming against the current
  • Teaches us that when we can be with ourselves in soft and gentle acceptance, things can start to ease, unravel and change without the effort of ‘trying’
  • Helps us when we need to loosen our grip on something
  • Helps to release long standing holding patterns on all levels – physical,  mental, emotional,  spiritual,  ancestral,  energetic
  • Takes ego out of the situation
  • Helps us to land softly in our body and to feel our own energy penetrating our cells – embodying our own energy and feeling whole and enough

15ml stock strength.

Crystals are not included.