California Poppy

California Poppy


Our Lady the Divine Mother

Our Lady the Divine Mother

Baby Blue Eyes

Baby Blue Eyes

This essence contains energies of the New Earth – purity, innocence, deep peace, balance, calmness, clarity, beauty and gentleness. It can also help with the following:

  • Helps us to forgive, particularly the masculine – the men in our lives and our own inner masculine
  • Helps us to regain our trust, especially the masculine and in ourselves
  • Helps to heal any trauma or conflict with the masculine energy in our lives
  • Helps us to trust that everything is in Divine Order
  • Supports us to feel safe and protected
  • Encourages us to speak our truth and helps to release and open the Throat Chakra if words have been suppressed
  • Connects us back to the Joy within us
  • Can connect us to the highest levels of the Angelic Realms

15ml stock strength.
Crystals are not included.