Owning our own Healing Journey


When we embark on our healing journey we rarely know what lies ahead, how much “stuff” is actually held inside of us and how many layers upon layers we may need to work through. I often think that had I known when I started out on my healing journey what lay ahead, I would not have embarked on it, but after almost 20 years of being on the path consciously, I wouldn’t change anything.

I don’t believe someone else can “heal” us. People can absolutely support us, guide us, help us, facilitate us, give us clarity, show us our blind spots, however ultimately we are the ones who need to do the work for ourselves to bring about healing in our lives. We need to take responsibility for our own healing. We can go to a healer or practitioner and they can shift or clear something on an energetic level but if there is no conscious awareness on our part, there is no learning, there is no change and no transformation. We need to look at the patterns that led to the situation in the first place, shine light on them and balance them. These patterns could be physical (the food we eat, the sleep and exercise we get), emotional (how we are feeling, if we have bottled up emotions, if situations in our life keep us held in certain emotions), mental (our self talk, receptive thoughts), spiritual (our soul’s journey, our connection to Source), ancestral (patterns or energies that have come down the ancestral line), environmental (where we live and work and what is in our environment). This means making changes in our lives, our thought patterns, how we deal with emotions etc. If we don’t look at the root cause, the patterns will repeat, our energy will revert back to the distorted pattern and longer term we will manifest physical illness.

Looking at the patterns within us can be painful and challenging. We can go into denial, feel angry with ourselves, blame others or feel disempowered. However, if we consciously work with our patterns and make the necessary changes, then we can bring about real and lasting transformation in our lives. This takes courage, commitment to ourselves and our healing and lots of self love and compassion.

Essences can support us as we look at these dark and hidden places within ourselves and can help us to transform them in very gentle ways, replacing them with healthier, more supportive and more empowering ways of being and living our lives. The Crystalline Consciousness Technique empowers us to take the lead with our own healing by setting our own intentions for healing and transformation.

I will leave you with these words that I love and that I feel captures beautifully how practitioners can walk alongside our clients, holding the highest vision of them and empowering them:

Medicine Woman’s Prayer

I will not rescue you.
For you are not powerless.
I will not fix you.
For you are not broken.
I will not heal you.
For I see you, in your wholeness.
I will walk with you through the darkness
As you remember your light.

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