Traditionally essences are created by imprinting the energy of a flower or crystal into water by leaving a bowl of water with the flower or crystal either in the bowl or close it to, under the sun for a few hours. An alchemical process happens between the water, sun and flower/crystal and the energy of the flower/crystal is imprinted into the water. Alcohol is then added to preserve the essence. More recently other methods have come through as the different energies are needed on the planet. These include channeling spiritual energy directly into the water, imprinting the energy of an environment (such as sacred site, a body of water, an astrological alignment) or creating the essences under moonlight.
The health of our physical body is determined by the quality of the energy field that surrounds our body. All disease has underlying emotional or mental components that get stored in our energy field. So disease manifests initially in our energy field and if not cleared or healed there, will eventually appear in the physical body. Essences work on our energy bodies at an emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Each flower/crystal/ channelled energy etc. has its own unique vibration or message that it communicates, for example an Oak Tree is strong and stable and helps to rejuvenate our energy when we are run down and tired. A Rose Quartz crystal emits the vibration of love and can help us deal with emotional upset. When we take the essence, the energy of the essence finds its way into our energy system and infuses it with its vibration and helps us to find that vibration within ourselves. If we continue to take these high vibrations into our system over time, denser energies such as unresolved emotions, limiting thought patterns, traumas, energies that we have picked up that may not belong to us, are brought into balance and we start to embody higher and clearer energies. This can be explained scientifically by “entrainment” where with time all energies in a system/room etc. start to vibrate at the same frequency.

Essences work at a subtle and deep level over time. Shocks, traumas, unexpressed emotions often build up in our systems over time (it’s very common for adults to be holding shocks and traumas from the womb, from the birth process and from childhood) and these need time and space to heal and balance. So we may not notice one big shift (although sometimes that can happen if you take a remedy soon after a shock), but over time we may notice that we are not as anxious, have more energy, are thinking differently, have more clarity, are more at ease with ourselves, our lives are flowing more smoothly and we are generally happier. While essences do not work on the physical body, when our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies come into balance, this can have a positive impact on our physical bodies.

There are many essence ranges around the world and there is probably an essence for anything you can imagine. Some of the mosts common ways we can work with essences are:

  • Shock, trauma (immediately after the incident or at anytime afterwards, sometimes years later)
  • Emotional turmoil – heartache, heartbreak, grief, guilt, anger
  • Abuse
  • Fear, anxiety, stress
  • Embodiment, grounding and deepening our connection to nature
  • Energy hygiene and putting effective boundaries in place in our energy fields
  • Self Love, joy, harmony
  • Intuition
  • Clarity on our way forward
  • Balancing the chakras
  • To support us through changes and transitions in life
  • Letting go of limiting beliefs/mental patterns
  • Consciously connecting to our feminine/masculine energies and balancing them
  • Creativity
  • Empowerment

Yes, essences are very safe and can be used at any age from babies to old-age and also during pregnancy, where both mother and baby benefit. They can be taken alongside herbs, homeopathy etc.

Essences are very complimentary to use alongside other therapies such as talk therapies, body work and energy therapies. They can support the processes of these therapies, bringing faster resolution and often getting to the root of issues where people have been stuck or going around in circles. Even just bringing the energy of an essence into a session can shift energy very quickly.

Yes, it is also safe to take essences alongside medication since they do not impact on the physical level
Traditional energy therapies generally work with the electromagnetic field of the body. This field can be influenced by many internal and external factors such as our emotions, thought patterns, our physical body, energies in our environment, cosmic, solar, lunar energies etc. So we can work on the field, but 5 minutes later something might happen to disturb the field again.

The Crystalline Consciousness Technique works at the level of the Crystalline Grids of the Earth and the Crystalline System within our bodies. This is a lot more stable than our EMF, is able to hold a lot more energy and vibrates at a higher rate than our EMF. When we work at this level, all healing or intentions that we create, are held in the grid and are continuously reflected back to our electromagnetic field without impact from internal or external energies. This means that healing or creation can happen more easily and with longer lasting results than working with the Electromagnetic field.
The crystalline system of the body is comprised of the fluids of the body, the connective tissues and the mineral salts. As we know our bodies are up to 80% water so this system impacts on all of the systems in our body right down to the cellular level.

During consultations we look at your past that may still be impacting you (e.g. shock, trauma, grief), where you currently are in your life, how you are feeling and the areas you want to explore, find more balance or heal. I support you to tune into your body and your intuition for any information it may want to share and we then set a strong intention for you for the session. 

We then move into the energy healing using the Crystalline Consciousness Technique and any other of my tools such as CST, colour therapy, working with the energy of an essence, flower, gem. 

Each session is specific to how you show up on the day and what has come up for you. it unfolds naturally and intuitively and can include any of the following:

  • A Crystalline Consciousness session
  • Working with your energy system
  • Working with your craniosacral system
  • Soul level work
  • Ancestral healing
  • Re-writing the womb or birth story
  • A guided visualisation / healing
  • Connecting to your body and inner wisdom
  • Releasing emotions that have been held in the body
  • Setting an intention for how you would like your essence combination to support you
  • Working with different vibrations such as colours, flowers, crystals, trees, essences

Following the session I will intuitively select a bespoke combination of essences specifically to support your intention. This intention will be written on your bottle and infused into your essences. Aura sprays or different ways of working with essences may also be provided.

After a healing session it is always good to drink more water to flush any toxins out of your system. The Crystalline System of the body loves water and functions best when well hydrated. You may feel more energised or tired. Each person reacts differently. You may have some emotions come to the surface to be released. It is important to go with the flow and honour your body after a session.