Divine Light Essences

Divine Light Essences are a range of flower, gem, environmental and channelled essences that have been intuitively co-created with the Nature and Spirit Worlds. They help us to find the Divine Light within ourselves and to also see it within all Beings. The Earth is going through many changes at this time – as high vibrational energies pour in, everything that is not in balance is coming to the surface to be acknowledged and transmuted, so that the new energies can anchor in. This is also happening to each of us, as we are not separate from the Earth.

These Essences have come at this time to help us to integrate and anchor the high vibrational energies that are coming through, by supporting us to let go of old emotions, thought patterns and energies that we no longer need to carry and supporting our energy systems as they adapt to the higher frequencies. As we collectively move through a time on this planet where the feminine energies are returning to be in balance with the masculine energies, these Essences help us to balance our own masculine and feminine energies to embody the higher aspects of each, to come into our hearts and to connect to Source and Mother Earth. They are deeply supportive and soothing and can help us as we face the many challenges that life brings at any stage of our journey. They work at many levels including emotional, spiritual, mental, ancestral and past life. The range is ever evolving and continues to grow with even more focus on supporting us to anchor in the new energies of the Aquarian Age and to create the lives we want to live.

The Essences were working with me for many years before they were created. I was put through many initiation, purification and healing processes on every level over many years to prepare me and allow me to bring the pure, high vibrational energies through. The Essences have guided me on how and when they want to be created and I have followed their guidance and my intuition. In order to share the essences I have had to embody their energies myself. Many of the Essences have been put into the waters and the Earth here in Ireland to help to ground their energies and gently release them into the world.

Divine Light Essences are co-created by myself in living ceremony using Irish spring water. They are preserved with an Irish organic vodka and stored in Miron ultraviolet high quality glass bottles, which ensures the essences maintain their high vibrations and are long lasting.

The essences are produced in Dublin, Ireland and come in 15ml stock bottles that can be diluted down to dosage strength.


Energy Healing and vibrational essences are not a substitute for medical diagnosis and we never claim to diagnose or cure any illness. Please refer to your medical practitioner with any illness or physical symptoms you might have.