Ancestral Healing – It stops with YOU!

I’ve noticed a lot of ancestral healing has been coming up for myself and my clients since the Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio on 16th May. It has been scientifically proven that ancestral patterns and memories can be carried in the DNA from generation to generation. This means that the thoughts, emotions and physical health of our ancestors can literally be in our cells. This can manifest as physical symptoms, emotions and thought patterns, often hidden in our unconscious, but impacting many aspects of our lives. We might be feeling emotions but not understand where they are originating from, we may find ourselves repeating patterns in relationships, or having thoughts that have no logical connection with our lives.

It is up to us to do the healing now so that these energies stop with us and do not pass on to future generations. The good news is there has never been more awareness or support for healing ancestral patterns. I have been using Crystalline Consciousness Technique charts (there are charts specifically for ancestral healing) and of course essences.

Here are some of the essences that I have been using myself and that have gone into my clients bottles to support balancing our ancestral energies:

Return To Innocence

Contains the energy of a sacred waterfall. Clears and purifies our energy bodies on deep levels, including mental patterns, suppressed emotions, ancestral trauma, family entanglements and any energies that are not our own. Encourages the energy field to return to its original pure state. Clears the energy of ancestral patterns and entanglements of energies between people, so that we are free to live our own lives. Very supportive when doing Family Constellation work and any type of ancestral healing

Rose Quartz

Helps us to love and nurture ourselves and to accept ourselves exactly as we are. Encourages a flow of love from our heart centre to every area of our body. Deeply calming, soothing and nourishing. Clears energy of abuse or trauma that we have experienced or that has come down the ancestral line, especially in the Sacral Chakra


A very strong and grounding essence that creates a safe container for us to do our ancestral healing. Clears and heals the ancestral lines and returns energies that may have come down the lines, to their rightful owners to heal and balance. Helps to release shame and guilt that are not our own and brings a sense of peace and freedom. If there are ancestors who need support or acknowledgement, this essence can guide us in helping them. (Not yet in the shop, contact me directly if you would like a bottle)

Pink Opal

Pink Opal is known as “The Stone of Resolution”. This essence works on a deep emotional level, especially with emotions that are unconsciously held deeply in the heart. Strengthens our connection with ourselves and supports us to be with ourselves. Creates a safe container for us to process our emotions with ease and gentleness. Enables us to access and acknowledge unconscious patterns and emotions as they come into the light. Gives us courage to face our shadows as they come up from the unconscious – these may be from past lives or ancestral. Helps to forgive, especially the masculine ancestors and find acceptance within the feminine line. Helps us to shed un-cried tears

Pink Begonia

Brings balance and stability to the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras when breaking through old patterns. Helps to bring unconscious patterns to light and helps us to let go of the old energies and patterns so that the new can come in. Connects the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras so that any action comes from a place of love. Encourages you to be powerful in safe ways. (Not yet in the shop, contact me directly if you would like a bottle)


Supports us as we rebirth ourselves or parts of ourselves – this time we can embody without the ancestral patterns we may have incarnated with originally, with balanced masculine and feminine energies and surrounded by the energies that we need to support us at this time and the Golden Light. Allows us to feel safe to fully embody all aspects of ourselves and all of our energies

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